My Spiritual Love

Edward - Coral Springs, Florida
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 65+

Many years ago, while I was still a young man who felt that he could, and will conquer the world, I attended the 60th wedding anniversary of my late uncle.

He was a man whom I held, and still do, in the highest possible regard for the

depth of wisdom, extent of knowledge and experience, and qualities of life he

displayed. Indeed, he was my “wise man”, whose advice I sought, whose opinions I

cherished, and whose life I admired and still try to emulate. I have always attributed much of the success in my career and my life to his wisdom, his advice and his example. So much so, that I have attempted to pass these principles on to my own children in every way I can.

He began his speech by describing his marriage as:

“a journey which begins with physical attraction;

Then crosses several stages of Love and Commitment,

To arrive at the ultimate level of Spiritual Love”.

Over the succeeding years I have often reflected on that statement and wondered

what he really meant by “spiritual love”.

Each time I see a particular TV advertisement depicting an elderly couple walking slowly, hand in hand, along a garden pathway, serenely oblivious to the world around them, totally content with their own life, wanting and needing nothing more, as a young couple briskly passes them and then look back admiringly, I am convinced that that they too, have arrived at that exalted place.

And for me, after more than 40 years of marriage, sharing my life with my wife, being blessed with a family of 4 children and a life overflowing with good memories, I believe I too, am beginning to truly understand what he meant by “Spiritual”.

It is the unspoken word that speaks volumes.

It is the smile, however fleeting, that says ‘thank you”,

And the frown, however brief, that stops you.

It is the feeling of joy and security when ever she appears, however many times she does, and the momentary sadness; when she leaves the room.

It is knowing what she thinks and what she wants, before saying so, and equally,

knowing that she will respond to my requests, before I have requested.

It is the warm feeling that flows over me whenever she is with me, and the deep sadness whenever she hurts or becomes ill.

Above all, it is the constant desire to thank God, over and over, for this gift of my

soul mate, and the profound hope that she will continue to grace my life for many more years.