The undying spirit

Chris - thomasville, North Carolina
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Everyday, I am pulled from by bed by the belief that my life has a great purpose, I believe we are all here for a worthy purpose. Whether it comes from God or our own spirits, I believe there’s a magic inside of us waiting to be unleashed. I believe we can do anything we believe, nothing is impossible for those who refuse to be defeated by fear and doubt. As a Wiccan, I know that inside every man and woman is the power to turn any tide, to soar over any obstacle and to overcome any hardship. I believe we should all place honor, love and compassion above deceit, hate and self-centeredness. And I believe that an individual is not measured by their clothes, wealth, and parents, but by their own spirit and whether or not it is determined to rise above the short end in those three categories.

I believe in freedom and fairness, that one standard is sufficient. I don’t believe in stereotypes or statistics, I believe in the judgment of the individual. I believe that all religions which teach love and goodness should be honored. All Gods and Goddesses should be praised or none at all.

On a personal level, these are the core values and beliefs that govern my life. I believe in showing respect to your superiors, but also that respect is something you earn. The Gods I know do not teach war or violence, nor do they teach hate. I believe that we should honor the rights of other nations to determine their own destiny, and not try to convert them to our way of life, but I also believe that war is sometimes necessary when we are not faced with those same respects.

I have been taught to love and help everyone in need. That no matter how bad things are, you can always find a reason to press on. I believe that my fate is in my hands and my hands alone, no one else is at fault for my failures or successes. I treat all people, male or female, black or white, with equal respect and care, we are all Americans. I believe that man and woman are equal, and that NEITHER is above the other in any way, partners not rivals. I find it so silly for genders to try to out-do one another.

I live without fear, I go after what I want with the determination to reach it, failure is not an option, for I would rather live 1000 years in defeat than to live one second in surrender, and I would fight and die for the world and her people, for I believe it’s all worth saving. I live with honor, respect, sincerity, justice and hope, the hope that great things await anyone who has the courage to go after it.