laughing will keep you happy

Axel - 72764, Arkansas
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that laughing everyday will make you feel happy. It’s kind of like if you think negative your outcome will probably be negative as well. However if you think positive good things are probably going to happen.

I first discovered that laughing everyday made me feel more delighted than I would regularly feel. When I was about twelve years old, I was living at Key Stone Crossing Apartments. It was always always dull around there, because there was nothing to do except for watch television or mess around on the computer. There weren’t many kids at all, well there was but they were any where from four to ten years younger than me so I didn’t try to make friends because I already knew that I wasn’t going to have anything in common with kids that were half my age. I really only had fun at school and on the weekends. Therefore I didn’t laugh much. Anyways, one day these kids moved in I have seen them around here before but I didn’t know who they were. The next day I saw them at school, so after school I went to go talk to them. I found out were they lived which was only a block away. So I went to there house one day, it turned out we had so many things in common like we had the same type of dog we liked the same teams we all grew up in Texas, and moved to Arkansas. Anyways from that day on we hung out like everyday, and we laughed a lot. What I found out was that even if I was having a terrible no good rotten stinking day if I laughed it was all better. If I smiled and laughed even though I wasn’t’ feeling perfect automatically eventually I felt one hundred percent better.

I believe this because it never seemed to fail. For instance I didn’t study for pre algebra test because I was talking on the phone all night and went outside all day. Anyways I didn’t do well at all, I flunked dangerously. That day I moped all the way home, and I went to there house, and they were watching the George Lopez pay per view. We were cracking up laughing every five seconds and in like thirty minutes I felt all better.

Another time would be when my youth center team the cowboys lost our first game and we were knocked out of the number one spot. I was upset about this for the whole day but then I went to their house to spend the night we stayed up until like five o clock in the morning laughing. Once again laughing cheered me up and I was delightedly happy.

All in all, in every circumstance when I was unhappy and I started laughing I felt better not just significantly better but so much better that I forgot that I was upset about something only moments ago. That’s why I believe this.