God is Good

Yolanie - Springdlae, Arkansas
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe bad things happen to people who don’t believe in God. I heard that if people don’t believe in god they will go to Hell (that is where the Devil lives.) By the time I believe in God, I realized if you don’t believe in God then what will happen to you?

Baptism is when a baby has finally grown, then is the time to welcome him/or her to God. Well that child was me. At the age of 6 yrs old, I was baptized and my reaction to it was crying. I don’t know why but it just happened. So after they were done praying, I had to stand up with my parents, and everybody at the church had to shake hands to the person who has been baptized and also the parents. So after they get done shaking my hands, we had to go to my house to get ready because we were going to Springdale (in Arkansas).

My mom and I had to go shopping, while my dad was fixing the passport and the tickets. My mom and I and also my sister are getting cloths for us because we have to look good. My sister was first, she tried here new look and viola, she was beautiful like an angle. Next it was me. I had to try shoes and cloths and now I look more beautiful. So we went to the airport, and we have to hug our family and our friends. My mom and I were crying because I will miss my sister and my brother very much and also my mom. So we wave good bye to our families and our friends.

My sister was excited because in Springdale, AR there was now. She loves the snow very much, like me. I believe that if you love your family very much God will be there for them. God has been with me since I’ve been a little girl. Now God is with me since 5 years and I thank him for giving me a beautiful family and so many kind friends.