Police officers can be friends

Hailey - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

This I believe

“Police officers are mean, I hate them”, boy am I sick of hearing people say that.

I hear it all the time, either in the hallway or even when I bring up the subject around people I know at school. This I believe that police officers can be friends.

First of all I have been raised around police officers for eleven years. So more than likely they will be nice to me. My dad has been an officer for nine years and I have loved every minute of it. When you have a dad like mine you get to go to the police station all the time. Its like I have several dads or uncles but they are really not. The good thing is though is that I love them all. I also love the police department and every it, well one in not the prisoners, but they can be nice too. I also have a family member that is also a officer, he is my dads twin brother and he is my uncle.

I believe that police officers can be friends because their not there to just yell at me, push or pull me, or be mean, they’re there to help me and to make sure that they protect the future of my life to make me a better person. They also are helping our community by keeping thieves away from my house and making sure that other kids stay away from the things that put you to jail or prison. For example, if I got in a gang at 13 think of the problems I will have for the rest of my life. Or, what if I tried drugs for the first time and I got addicted think of the mental conditions, breathing problems, or even DEATH. So you see, they are not to be mean but to help.

The only time they can be mean is if they disrespected. For example, they always know when I lie or if you lie, so I know not to lie, it will keep myself out of a lot of trouble if I stay honest. Also if I follow the law and the government’s law I will always have no problem with the government.

Personally, my dad is really good friends with my school resource officer. Every day I get to come to school feeling safe and getting a hello and a high five from my friend.

I will never be afraid of a police officer because they will always be my friend.