Do What You Love

Brian - USA
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

When people do something, they are supposed to do something they love and not do something someone else wants them to do or do something other people are doing. When did you do something someone else was doing so you did it too, but you didn’t like and you kept doing it because your friend was doing it? I believe you should do what you love to do.

When I was little I used to play golf and I hated it because it was to slow and boring for me. I would go to golf lessons on Saturday morning and do stuff I already knew. I kept on doing it because my dad thought I liked playing golf. Until I just couldn’t do it anymore because I just didn’t like to play golf so I told my dad and I started to play football, baseball, and other sports besides golf. I enjoy playing football and baseball because they are fun and I like playing it even though I’m not the biggest or best athlete on the field I still do what I love to do and have tons of fun doing it.

For example my mom is a substitute teacher and she enjoys what she does. She likes to teach children. She also teaches Sunday school and paints a lot. My mom is an awesome painter and she loves to paint. My mom always tells me to do what I want to do and not what others want me to do. My mom has influenced me a lot in my life and has always told me to do what I love. She also says that even if you are not that good at something as long as you like it and have fun doing it, it’s doing what you love.

Another example is my sister. She works with animals and loves it. She was confused when she got out of college she didn’t know what to do. At first she wanted to be a teacher then a photographer and then a teacher again, but now she is working at a doggy day care facility in Austin, Texas. My sister also tells me the same thing as my mom does and influences my life even though she is hundreds of miles away. Both my sister and my mom tell me to do what I love.

My entire family stresses on the subject because they want me to have fun doing stuff and not stress about it. A lot of people do things that other people want them to do. Reinforcing my point I have a friend named Mike who played on my baseball team and hated baseball. He was miserable person and then when he quit baseball and started to play football he was much more enjoyable and fun to hang out with. Doing what you love is more important than what your friends or others want you to do. This I believe.