Hard work pays off

Rachel - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

“Racers on your mark” yells a man with a bullhorn. I get myself into a stance at the starting line. “Get Set… Go!” yells the man while blowing the horn. I take off running; as I ‘m trying to get into a comfortable position, runners all around me are pushing and sprinting. I race around the two mile course panting, passing through runners, and sprinting as hard as I can the whole way through. Ahead I can see the finish line and a large crowd gathered around. Knowing I have only a few short lengths left, I give it my all and run as hard as I can through the finish line. Sweat is pouring down my face and my breathing is out of control. As I make my way out of the finishing shoot, I grab a cup of water and try to get my breathing back to normal. I spot some girls on my team who are recording times and walk over to them. I ask them what my time was and find out I have dropped thirty seconds off my latest time. Now I can run around fourteen minutes in two miles!

I believe and know hard work pays off. Every morning I get up to go run around two to three miles everyday before school. Almost everyday at practice, I am running hard and working to be the best runner that I can be. Intervals, long distances, and tempo runs are some techniques that I do to help me to get ready for a meet. Every race I have ran in so far, I have always improved my time and placed in the top five for our girls’ team. A big thing is, I am the only eighth grader in the top five and the rest are ninth graders which is a huge accomplishment for me.

Cross country has helped me in not only in running but soccer as well. Soccer is my other main sport in life which deals with a lot of running. I joined cross country so that I could become a better runner in soccer and not get tired so easily. Since then, cross country has helped me improve my running tremendously. In soccer, I play midfielder and with that position there is a lot of running. Basically I have to run up and down the field throughout the entire game which takes tons of speed along with endurance. When I wasn’t in cross country; I would always get tired pretty easily from running so much. Now, I hardly ever get tired and I’m able to play the position throughout the whole game. At the end of soccer practice, my team and I have to do some running. It either involves running around the fields several times or suicide sprints. While we are running, I always find myself a few feet ahead of the team.

I believe if I work hard at something, my reward will be success.