Jenny: Accept What Happens in Life

Subi - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

There is a name that makes my heart warm. It’s “Jenny.” This name sometimes makes me tear up, but the rest of the time it makes my heart alive. Jenny is the name that gave me the happiest memories as well as the saddest memories in my life, and it also taught me to accept what happens in life.

Jenny was a dog I used to have. She was my first dog and the gift from my dad on my birthday. Back then she was only 45 days old, and she was so small that she could fit her entire body in my hand. She was a baby and she still needed to be taken care of by her mom. Since then, I became her mom. I fed her, and I took care of her. Even though I was only nine years old, I felt the strong responsibility. She was like my baby. Though, we were still best friends, and we grew up over five years together.

We were happy together until the day she ran away. It was like a normal day in winter, and as usual it was a busy morning getting ready for school. It wasn’t different than any other day, and I could never imagine something would happen on that day until I found out that Jenny was gone. It happened all of sudden.

Everyone was in the kitchen having breakfast but Jenny wasn’t. All I could see was the door which was open, and all I could imagine was Jenny being lost in the middle of nowhere on a freezing cold day. Right away, I ran outside and looked for Jenny. It was time to go to school, but I just couldn’t think of anything but looking for Jenny. I don’t remember how long I was running around looking for her.

It was already in the afternoon when I realized that my voice was almost gone from howling so much. I looked for her all day long, but I couldn’t find any track of her. It was unbelievable. I even pinched myself because I thought I was in a dream that I would wake up from the next morning. Every night I could hardly open my eyes because they were swollen from crying so much; I couldn’t stop breaking into tears. For over a week, I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t do anything. It was the hardest farewell that I experienced in my life.

Since then, I’ve never seen or heard of her again. The wrench of parting at a young age left me broken-hearted. However, I know that sometimes things just have to happen even if I don’t want them. Then I have to let them go. Losing Jenny and not being able to see her anymore were absolutely painful, but I know I had to let her go. She left me and everything happened how it was supposed to.

I learned a lot of things from this experience. I learned how to love someone truly, and I also learned that I could still love someone even if I am not with them. I guess somebody was trying to teach me all of these things and that waiting can be a part of love. I believe everything in this world is supposed to happen for some reason. Sometimes, it can be heartbreaking, but it is supposed to happen. All we have to do is just accept what happens and let it go.