You Can’t Live Without Friends

Sangini - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever gone a day without being with your friends? Well I haven’t, because I can never be away from the friends that care for me the most and that are always there for me. These were the friends that supported me through my life.

I believe that friends are the best supporters in life. For example, my close friend from St. Louis, Missouri, who I have known for 6 years, from elementary to middle school, has always been there for me whenever I needed her. When I got a very bad grade in my math class and I was very afraid to show my parents, Olivia was the one that helped me have the courage to show the grade and try to improve. She was the one who was always by my side when confronting my parents about my bad grades and always had been the one who I could tell everything to. Without Olivia’s love and support I would never be where I am today. Even when I moved away leaving her behind she still wished me luck in my new school, and hoped that I would make good decisions in friends. It was hard at first to leave but we still keep in contact and always share good memories with each other and I hope it continues for a lifetime.

Another friend of mine who I have known since the first time I moved to St. Louis, Sara, was my friend until 6th grade, but before middle school she was the greatest friend I could ever have. When middle school hit, Sara’s personality completely changed, we both moved to different types of friends, and we drifted apart. At first I was hurt by the fact that the friend I used to know had completely changed into a person who I don’t even know who she is anymore. Yet through that time my new friends always made me laugh and cheered me up in the worst of times. If they weren’t my friends I wouldn’t have gotten over losing Sara.

My last year in St. Louis was very hard and even though almost all my friends knew they tried to help me not think too hard about it. We all had the greatest time of our lives we went to movies, shopping, restaurants, and each others houses. By the time it was the end of the year many people started crying including me, but we all laughed thinking of all the memories we shared. I couldn’t keep in contact with all of them but still I am very glad I have met them.

Without the friendships I have gained throughout my life, I wouldn’t have the potency to move on with the hardships I have gone through. Friends are my strength for whom I live for.