The Perfect Place

Kalie - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I’ve always loved getting away from the world. When I’m sad, lonely, or just want to relax, I always go to my favorite place, or my comfort zone. Every time I’m in that place, I feel relieved of stress and problems, like I don’t have a care in the world.

I believe everyone needs a comfort zone. My comfort zone is anywhere I can find to be alone so I can think straight and not have to worry about what time it is or when I need to be ready to go somewhere. Ever since I started reading obsessively, I’ve needed time to be alone so I can read without the being interrupted by the world.

Some people I know like to go somewhere private for their comfort zone, but I pick somewhere quite. That’s why when I need to relax with some privacy I usually go to my bedroom. Most of the time, though, all I need is a good book to take me away from all my problems, and I feel like I’m flying.

I believe books have magical powers. Every time I start reading a good book, I don’t notice anything around me. I don’t hear the people talking and yelling around me. I don’t see the beautiful scenery. I don’t even notice how much time passes by. All I notice is the great story. It takes me to a place where the only worries I have are the worries of the characters. That’s why books are a great comfort zone for anyone like me who seem to have their nose stuck in a book at all times of the day.

Poetry is also magic. Whether I’m writing a poem, reading a poem, or reading a whole book of poems, I find a lot of comfort in them. They seem to calm my nerves and make me relax, especially when some of the poems are really funny.

Rain is also one of my many comforts. Anywhere I go, whether it’s really raining or I’m just listening to rain on the computer or a C.D., rain is definitely one of my comfort zones.

Music in itself is calming. Whether the music is country, rap, pop, or rock, I’ve come to find that music always soothes me. That’s one way to calm myself down when I’m mad. I grab a good C.D. or turn on the radio, and I either sing along or dance my problems away. It’s especially fun when I do it with a friend or family member.

Family can even be a comfort zones. If I’m having a bad day, I can always count on family to make me feel better. If I need some comfort, they’re there for me right away.

So whether it’s a bad day at work, a feud with a best friend, or some stressful problem, a comfort zone is always a great way to calm down or relax. The world just seems to melt away when I’m in my comfort zone.