People are not always as they seem

Delan - monticello, Kentucky
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

People are not always as they seem. Have you ever judged someone and they turned out to be opposite to what thought of them?

One time on a family vacation we were on our way to Florida to see part of our family. We were headed down the interstate when all the sudden the cars water pump went out. We were all sitting on the side of the road with the car over heated at two in the morning when this old run down car pulls in behind us.

This man about 6’3, 250 pounds hair about to his waist line, got out the car. I mean this guy looked like he had just come out of a hole in a rock. So mom locks the doors and my step dad gets out of the car mom was going on about something like he might try to rob us, to ready for anything so this man and my step dad talk for awhile with the hood raised.

But no matter how bad that man looked he turn out to be nicest man we had met. He pulled us to the closes auto-store stayed there with us till they opened. Then he helped my step dad take the water pump off and put the new one on the car.

This just goes to show people are not always as they seem this made me believe that there is a good side to everyone. So every time I start to talk down on someone for the way they look I start to think of that one on the road.