The Hike

patricia - washburn, Wisconsin
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: family, nature

My daughter Greta and I decided to do a

hike above the sea caves,near cornucopia ,on Lake Superior.

Greta had not been home for awhile. It was so good to be together and do something that we both enjoyed.

It was June 5th. We woke up early ,packed a few things. Stopped at the Good Thyme Catering and picked up a couple of there wonderful sandwiches and salads and we were off.

We arrived at Meyers beach and took the trail leading us to the sea caves. We hiked up and down hills and across stream beds. The marsh marigolds were in full bloom.We saw a hatch of about 50 small blue butterflies.We later found out that they were on the endangered list. We continued to hike,stopping on the way to look around.

When we reached the caves we could hear the water belching in and out of the caves. We listened to the sounds. We walked a little further and sat above the caves,looking out into the water. A bald eagle flew right in front of us! We looked down into the water and saw a school of Lake trout swimming! We walked a bit further and sat in the sun looking at Lake Superior. The water was calm and so relaxing to look at. It was about 70 degrees and the sun was shinning on us. It felt very good. In the distance we could hear loons calling. There were 6 of them and they were swimming towards us. They continued to swim and call. They came close to the caves and then veered off. We sat and watched the loons until they were no longer in sight. We saw swallows,lots of them,flying above the water catching bugs.Greta and I looked at each other and said what a beautiful day. How great it was that we had this day together. We felt very lucky.

We took some pictures and walked above the caves some more. We noted the color of the water was aqua by the caves. There were many colors of sandstone and formations.

We eventually decided to head back. While on the trail we heard rustling and sounds of commotion. Thinking that it was a bear,we froze and then slowly looked at where all of the noise was coming from. It was a porcupine trying to climb a tree and it was about 5 feet from us!We watched it climb the tree. We arrived at the trail head-starving. We took our lunch ,sat down and ate it. It was the best picnic lunch. The sandwiches and salads were the best!

We talked about everything that we saw and came to the conclusion that it was a gift. The gift of a beautiful day and it was ours,shared together.

Greta has since moved and I miss her. But,at any given time I can pull this memory of our beautiful day together and feel it all over again. It was a day that we will always remember. Our day,our gift