Brown is my Color

Jocelyn - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on October 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in embracing the beauty of my culture. I stand at 5’5, dark hair, brown eyed with a complexion that proclaims my heritage. As I walk down the path of life with my culture behind my back, many may consider it a burden; something I must struggle with to fit into the “American way” but to me it shouts out my identity my uniqueness and my confidence. I am a young Hispanic women whose dreams and goals differ from those that my stereotype her as a “brown Mexican girl”. I believe in breaking stereotypes and ending the chain of ignorance in the Hispanic culture.

I grew up in Los Angeles California where most of the adults around me if lucky had reached a few years of high school. My parents emigrated from Chihuahua Mexico to give their family a better life, a life of opportunity of education and the hope to be something great in life. The only place that would be able to happen would be The United States of America where anyone could live the “American dream”. Living an area where most people were Hispanic and girls dropping out of high school because they were pregnant was something normal, made me open my eyes to realize that it was up to me to be a help this crumbling society and not become a burden. My parents do not have an education yet they are loving and caring and all three of my older sisters dropped out of high school but have an amazing potential they do not see. I made it my life goal to not fall into the pattern of failure. I strived each day to get good grades that would one day lead me into college. By the end of my senior year, I was accepted to every university I had applied to from Cal State Long Beach to Brigham Young University Idaho I decided to attend Brigham Young University Idaho. I plan to become a children’s nephrologists thus becoming one of the only Hispanics in the field. I do not say this to brag but I say this because I know that who I am is in part defined by my culture and heritage.

A tortilla is commonly used in the Latin culture as something you eat with Mexican food however to me a tortilla is a symbol for what my parents went through to give me a better life their struggles and their adversities. It represents who I am and, just as a homemade tortilla is molded into a perfect circle, my heritage has molded me into the young women I am and. A tortilla is used to compliment foods to make them better in a sense and just as a tortilla does this to food, I will do this to society by complimenting it with my insights and making this world a “better tasting” place to live in.