Negative Events, Blessings at Heart

Brooke - Atwood, Illinois
Entered on October 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I am not one of the kids that can say my mom and dad are still happily married, but I can say they are happily remarried to two new people. My parents got a divorce when I was three years old. My brother, Nathan, was four years old and my sister, Stacey, was eight years old. I grew up having two families. Most people would say “how sad”, but this is not a sad story. I have the most caring, kind, loving families anyone could ask for, and this has lead to many positive things in my life. So, in turn, I believe that through a negative event, there can be a positive outcome.

When they got the divorce, my dad and mom agreed on joint-custody of the three children. This meant we would see my dad every Wednesday, and every other weekend. Nathan and I were very young, and did not understand this very well; Stacey, however, understood everything. It was a hard adjustment, but both of my parents were making the best of it for us.

My mom got remarried to a man named Mark and shortly after, my little brother Stephen was born. I was sure that my mom getting remarried was the end of the world, but having Stephen as a little brother has allowed me to learn what it’s like to be the “Older Sister”. My brother stuck up for me and took care of me, and now I had a little brother to do those things for. A couple years later my mom was remarried again to Brian, and again, I thought the world had ended. Brian was the head store manager for a grocery store called IGA. This is where I got my first job. My mom would do anything for her children, and her family, and we all treated each other as just that – family.

My dad was also remarried; my step-moms name is Janet, and she has two daughters, Brianne and Ashley. I was only four years old when this happened, but I reacted negatively at first because my sister, Stacey, did, but in the end, we all acted like true siblings – we fought, we played, and we loved being together. I looked up to each of my sisters in different ways. My oldest sister now has a daughter and twin boys; I am an aunt, which is also a blessing. My dad and Janet always made it seem like we had been family all along.

At first, I saw the events of my parents getting remarried as negative, or unlucky, but now I know they are true blessings. So many great things have come out of my parents’ divorce – new siblings, lots of lessons, and four loving parents. I have never known to be part of just one family, I have always had two. Some people may think divorce is a terrible thing at first, but in the end, it all happened for a reason.