Jake - Ankeny, Iowa
Entered on October 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

I believe that older generations are ashamed of my younger generation. I am always amazed at how we treat the older people in the world. Now, I am not saying that I don’t have my dislikes, because everyone gets annoyed with people once in a while. But I think we should accept the older generations are just a part of our culture as the rest of us.

I always hate to see an older person shake their head at something idiotic my generation has done. I think that in some ways they are ashamed of us.

I believe the saddest thing I have ever seen with my own eyes was when an older gentleman found a small American flag laying on the sidewalk. He stared at it quietly for a couple of seconds, and then slowly bent over and put it in his shirt pocket to display it proudly. Why doesn’t my generation have that kind of pride? Does anyone really care anymore, or will that be an attribute lost with the generation that will have to check out of this world in the coming decades? I wish I could have known what was going through his head right then.

Another thing I hate to see is my generation not putting in as much effort anymore, the U.S. used to be number one in the world, but now we are quickly falling behind. One final thing is how my generation acts. I don’t think we notice how ridiculous we talk and act around senior citizens. So many young kids out there don’t care that there are other people around them, they cuss and act very immaturely also. Sometimes we are forced to be nice to them, but how come we need to be forced to do that. I am not saying I am not part of the problem, but I am not part of the solution either.

I believe that my generation has lost a lot of its morals and do many things that are disappointing to older people. I think the problem will get worse before it gets better. I think that if we could follow our older more experienced senior citizens, I think it would make the world turn a little smoother.