An ant in society

Ti - Los Angeles, California
Entered on October 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that every person in society is responsible in some degree for there existance. The problem today isn’t that people believe too blindly in an moral ideal or religion, in matter of fact its quite the opposite. The typical citizen has been taught to be independent in the American culture, but as a result our society has passed on to a point of selfishness. As humans we have become oblivious to the ideology of the “Good Sumaritan” as we are too busy and too comfortable to our systematic “avoid and evade”. As people we must remember we are responsible for the world around us because we aren’t the center of existance. Society is the creation of men and vice versa.

My best friend Cam has always been a friendly forgiving person that has believed in the best of his fellow man. He has never made enemies and tries his very best to never offend or impose. His neutrallity however, is both his most appealing feature and his worst flaw. He is able to avoid confrontations easily, but at times he fails to submit assertiveness when necessary. A while back he and some friends were hanging out and someone had the idea of straightening things out with this other person that I knew. Well despite my warnings they went and tried negotiating and being neutral as he is Cam avoided and evaded. His neutrality caused me to become involved in this complicated postion. A person is responsible for many things other than there own. Either an ant in society or a revolutionary martyr we have live for more than just our own independent lives. Most of all our neglection and evasion of a problem at hand will often lead to much greater problems in the future.