Stop Thinking so Much

Tim - garden city, Michigan
Entered on October 6, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Stop Thinking so Much!

On a regular basis if one listens to radio, television, or does any sort of reading you can rest assure that you will stumble upon something that makes you say, “dude, you are thinking about this way too much”. This I believe, we have become a large population of people that over analyze just about everything involving anything. It all goes back to the why did the chicken cross the road joke that everyone has heard from their early childhood days. Simple, the chicken wanted to get to the other side. That should be the end of that, but we are not conditioned like that. There has to be some underlying emotional, physiological, or society driven reason that the forced the chicken to cross the road. Next on Dr. Phil, chicken experts and the real story behind the story!

Anyone out there that is a sports fan will totally agree, unless you work for the network, that we have become greatly over saturated with coverage. ESPN, Fox Sports, and sports talk radio are all in a competition with each other to make sure that they have covered each and every piece of information about that topic. A great example is the lead up to a football game, college or pro, it does not even matter. Millions of dollars of technology has been spent to break down the film, the eating habits of players and coaches, what the UV index is going to be, everything you can imagine is covered. Then they will spend the entire week telling us what is going to happen in the game as if they already know the outcome. Why even bother watching, they already have it figured out. All this, and what happens on the first play of the game? The best player on the favored team blows his knee out. Wow, all that time spent and not one person saw that coming.

Recently for a college assignment, the class was asked to read a short piece written by someone I guess is respected in the writing community, involving the phrase “wwjd”, or “what would Jesus do”. This writer just went into great detail on how people really should not model their actions around what Jesus did because he did some questionable things during his time on the planet. He was a roamer, destroyed temples, made water into wine, hung around with prostitutes, and on and on and on. After about five minutes of reading I thought to myself, this is the dumbest thing I think I have ever read. This is a prime example of looking way too much into a phrase that is just meant to be an expression to help people to make a good decision. That is it, nothing else. Save your research dollars and time on something that might make a difference in life.

It seems that the growing trend throughout society is to make sure that we analyze every little detail of anything and everything. We may be presented with a problem or a topic that might have a simple answer or a simple meaning and we feel it is or duty as members of society to leave no stone unearthed to make sure that know every tiny detail about it “thing”. This I believe, stop thinking so much!