Someone helped me

Brandon - Ankeny,Iowa, Iowa
Entered on October 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe sports have a huge impact on many people all over the world in their live styles and other ways. I believe that sports have had a huge impact on my life. Sports have helped me stay out of trouble and keep my life on the right track.

Most people that get in trouble are either not in extra curricular activities or not in any sports and that leads them to get them into drugs and experiment with other life-changing moments. I have been offered drugs before but because I am in sports it helps me veer away from those types of things.

Football helped me out a lot because it drives me to go want to play college football somewhere. I want to go to college and study architectural design or engineering, and if I was doing drugs or something, I wouldn’t be able to full fill these dreams I have and could end up having a criminal record and those dreams I have would be out the window. I believe everyone has a dream and needs to take every open they receive and take it to the fullest length possible.

Now as a junior I am receiving letters from colleges looking at me as a potential prospect to there, and it makes my family and me real happy. My coaches think I have the potential to play at a D-1 college and go somewhere only a few are able to do.

When I parents got a divorce it was really hard on me because no kid wants his or her parents to separate. I got real depressed and started slacking on my schoolwork and getting into trouble. I started experimenting with drugs, I developed eating problem, and I quit wrestling. I felt there was nothing in world for me, but there was.

One day my football coach came to me and told me I am throwing everything ahead of my life out of the window if I didn’t change. That talk he gave me really inspired me to work to my potential, and I realized that that wasn’t the life for me. It really opened my eyes to know that that isn’t my kind of life and I need to get my head on straight.

I started getting better with studying and I went out for sports again and I turned my life around. My GPA went from 1.7 to a 3.0 in a matter of one semester. I believe there is someone in everyone’s life to help out someone and everyone should look for the best in everyone. If my coach wouldn’t have given me that speech, I don’t think I would have change. I was in a hole really deep and I didn’t know what to do. So if there is someone out there and think they could be in trouble, I will help him or her out because someone once helped me out.