Ryan - Ankeny, Iowa
Entered on October 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Procrastination is a huge part of my life.

I procrastinate doing almost everything. Doing my homework, practicing sports, studying for huge tests coming up, and going to sleep. I used to almost put everything off until the last possible second I am able to do it. Sometimes, I even have things turned in late, or I was not able to finish them because of my procrastination problem.

The problem with my procrastination hit hard when I had reached the seventh grade. Everything became harder in school and in all phases of my life. I was unable to keep up with the homework I had and all the extracurricular activities I was in. That’s when I came across the big word procrastinating.

Many times I would come home with a book bag full of homework, and I would get home and just watch TV. My parents would always tell me to go do my homework and I wouldn’t until like nine or ten that night. By that time it would be too late. Also, when I would tell my self I would go out and run every day, I would end up putting it off and never end up doing it.

One time I had to work right after school. When I got off work and arrived at my house it was around nine o’clock. I knew I had plenty of homework but didn’t get a jump on it because I was to in tune with the TV. When I started my homework it was around midnight. The next morning I was so tired, I couldn’t stay awake in any of my classes. Around that time is when I learned procrastinating is not such a good thing.

Procrastination was a key element of my life. It’s not something I was proud of but I have now overcome it by getting a head start on my homework, and not turning on the TV until I was done with it.

Now I know that when you procrastinate it is very hard to overcome. Ever sense I was in seventh grade I have been doing well in school and getting my homework done at a decent hour so I have more time to go to bed. I believe that procrastination is just a phase in a person’s life, and is hard to overcome but possible.

Procrastination is no longer a part of my life.