Talent is Something, Attitude is Everything

Courtney - Ankeny, Iowa
Entered on October 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that if you have the right attitude, then you don’t have to worry about if you don’t have any talent.

Before the volleyball season started I found out that my friend wasn’t playing. I still had another friend playing but it just felt weird without my other friend there.

About a week and a half in, my friend that was still playing decided that she was going to quit. I had no idea what I was going to do.

During practices, I felt like I wasn’t part of the team. I would try to get out of doing the drills by picking up volleyballs and putting them back into the carts.

That all changed when we went to a tournament in Osage, Iowa. When we got there, we found a spot to put all of our stuff. I felt like I was sitting off on my own in a corner because the rest of the team was all sitting together. I felt left out.

We went on to start playing our games. I didn’t play the first 2 matches. I kept thinking, “Am I going to play?” Then that 3rd match I got to play.

I was told to play outside. Be a hitter. I wasn’t a hitter. The ball was set to me and I had this funny feeling. I almost didn’t want to hit the ball but I knew I had to.

I hit the ball and I scored. When the team praised me for the good thing that I did, I couldn’t help but smile. Even when I tried to hold it back it would push itself out. I had the biggest grin on my face.

After that it just got better. When we went to Ottumwa, I got to play the whole 3rd game of our match. The same thing happened again. I had a bunch of good plays. I had that same big grin on my face.

Before the volleyball season, my dad heard a saying on ESPN that once I heard it, it stuck in my mind. We almost made shirts that said this. It was “Talent is something, Attitude is everything.”

I thought that my talent wasn’t good. My attitude didn’t help it at all either. Then I got to thinking and told myself that just because I wasn’t that good, I could always make my attitude the best of it.

I’ve learned now that if I have a positive attitude and work hard at achieving something, I don’t have to worry about what people think about my talents. I feel like my attitude change has even boosted my self-confidence.

Now in practices, I find myself with that same big grin on my face. Enjoying the fact that even though I’m not the best player and I don’t start, I still have the heart of a starter.

I believe that now my attitude out weighs my talents.