Lauren - Ankeny, Iowa
Entered on October 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe you should never stop trying, even if an obstacle gets in your way. But there are many different obstacles for different people. One person may have a physical obstacle like being too short to play basketball. Some could have obstacles that they don’t even know are going to happen, like a family member dying or an injury.

I played softball since I was very little. I started at T-ball and worked my way up. Once I reached the bigger leagues around fifth grade, I got scared because I was a very small girl. The girls that I was soon going to play with were really big. Even though I was really good at softball, I never thought I would ever be as good as everyone else. It was my decision to quit, and my parents begged me not to, but nothing would change my mind. My first experience of being afraid was when a pitcher hit me in the ribs. It came at me so fast I didn’t think to move. I thought if right now I am getting hurt what would happen when these girls get older and more skilled. My parents never knew the real reason why I quit until last year, and they said if they knew that I was afraid, they would have made me stick with it. I wish they would of. At the end of my tenth grade year of high school, Anabel, one of my friends, and I signed up for the Ankeny team. It was just something to do to keep us in shape and occupied. Both of us haven’t played since about fifth grade. When we did get enough courage to try out again we didn’t get much playing time. So at the end of the season we quit. We both thought it was a waste of our time. If I would have continued with practice I might have been able to enjoy it more, but we jumped to conclusions that we weren’t going to play, and quit. I have tried almost every other sport and never stuck with it. Softball was what I loved and was good at but being scared got in the way.

I will never be as a good as a player as I wanted to because being scared stopped me from moving forward. I had an obstacle stop me from achieving something I could be great in. I believe you should never let your obstacle stop you from doing something you love.