Staying Calm in Tough Situations

Bryan - Ankeny, Iowa
Entered on October 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was young, I used to get upset or angry at the smallest things. The classic example is the spilled milk story. Sometimes it might have been juice or iced tea, but it happened to me a lot for some reason.

I would be eating and then all of the sudden my glass of milk or juice would on the table and the floor and my lap. Sometimes it would be from my arm, sometimes from my hand.

Instantly I would feel upset and fearful that my parents would upset as well. This would put me in a bad mood for the rest of the night. When I was younger, I would also get upset when I played golf. I always thought I needed to be better than I was. When I would hit a bad shot, it would make me very mad. I would slam my club into the ground and get in a bad mood. When I acted like this, it would irritate me for the rest f the round and I would not have any fun.

A good example of this is last year in a tournament in Newton. I played really well for the first seven or eight holes. I didn’t play the ninth hole very well and it all went downhill from there just because of the ninth hole. If I would have stayed calm after the ninth hole, I could have finished the round much better and with a better score.

I had to learn not to get upset over the little things in life. I think I learned this last year playing golf. I realized that if I wanted to get better, I needed t stop getting mad over every bad shot. To my surprise, it worked. Now if I do spill something or knock something over, I clean it up. When I am playing golf, if I hit a bad shot, I just pick up my bag, walk to the ball and hit it again.

The major lesson that I learned is to not get mad about small problems in everyday life. By not getting mad, it allows me to keep playing well and not have a lot of bad holes in a row just because of one bad shot. This was a hard lesson to learn, but I think it is very important. It is easy to move on with life if you are not angry or frustrated with something.