Failure Is An Option

Carl - Ankeny, Iowa
Entered on October 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When you are young, you do not exactly know that what actions you make will be thought about and looked back on in ten, twenty, or even thirty years. May the actions be smart, stupid, or out of character, we all learn from our mistakes. I have made plenty of mistakes in the past. I am not a perfect person. No one is.

I was five years old during the summer of 1997. My sister, Ingrid, just turned seven. It was an extremely hot and humid day. The air conditioning was not turned on, the windows were open, and I felt miserable. I was sitting at the kitchen table coloring pieces of paper and cutting them out with scissors. Earlier that day, my sister and I got in some sort of fight about our toys. My sister claimed that her Barbies were much better than my one red Power Ranger and my Legos. The argument ended as my sister had to go to school.

When I was sick of coloring and cutting out shapes, I took the scissors upstairs to my sister’s room where her Barbies were. I thought to myself, “I have the best toys, Ingrid is just jealous.” I then took the scissors and started cutting the hair of one of her Barbie dolls. Pretty soon the Barbie looked like it and Ken had swapped heads. Barbie looked pretty ugly, so I started on another, then another, and another. Soon there were fifteen dolls on the floor with some pretty funky hairdos. There was also a pile of clothes for her Ken dolls that were calling my scissors’ name.

Not even ten seconds after I stepped off the last stair to the first floor, my mother and sister came home. Ingrid asked if I wanted to watch Rocko’s Modern Life with her. I said no, but still watched it with her along with Ahh! Real Monsters. Both being great Nickelodeon cartoons at the time. After the two shows were over, we had spaghetti for dinner. Ingrid and I were still not making conversation, partly because I was still angry at her and partly because I was scared to what she would think about the barbies. It was late and my sister found the Barbies. She came running down the stairs into my mother’s arms.

My mother was so angry at me and I got in loads of trouble for being stupid. I learned many, many things from this experience. One being that I shouldn’t destroy other people’s property. Another that I shouldn’t act out against one’s actions. I have since learned from these mistakes and plan to never repeat them in the future.