I Believe In Happiness

Thuy - Lynn, Massachusetts
Entered on October 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Since the day I realized what was going on around me, I asked myself what is the purpose of me coming into this world? I didn’t want to be a clueless person who kept walking on a path that I had no idea it would lead me to. Nature law told me there isn’t anything in this world exists for no reason. So what was I looking for? The answer was very straightforward. I was looking for happiness. Now I’m chasing after my happiness. Happiness is a miracle. That’s why I believe in happiness.

My philosophy professor said, “One thing that everyone wants to achieve is happiness.” Happiness! Happiness! Happiness! One simple word, easy to say, but difficult to have! The definition for happiness is so vast. Each of us has our own definitions for happiness. For some people, happiness means to achieve a certain goal. Some of them spend their whole life chasing after a delusive happiness, and forget about the happiness which they already have. For others, happiness means a family. To the orphans, family is something that many of them can only dream about. In their hearts, they still believe that their parents had never intended to leave them. Day by day, they’re still waiting for their parents to come back for them. Years from now, no matter how old they will grown, inside they’ll always be little kids. For these children, their happiness means having a family.

Happiness is magical. In my eyes, happiness has multicolor. I don’t know if it ever happened to you or not, or maybe it just happened to me. Before, whenever I heard the word happiness, I could hear the ching-ling sound of a bell ringing next to my ears. It was so soothing, so near, but also so far away. For me, happiness means the existence of a certain person. Because of him, I know what I was looking for. Because of him, I can cry. Because of him, I learn to open my heart. Because o f him, I can see my happiness. His presence lightens up my heart. His smile is the sunshine of my world. His voice is the melody of my theme. His arms are my comfort. His hand is my guidance. His heart is my home. He fills my empty world with love and care. He’s the source of all of my happiness. I love and treasure this happiness. My happiness is simplified into two words, Diego Perez.

Happiness can be simple, but can also be complicated. Depends on what type of happiness you’re looking for. Happiness is ting-ling lights, which are sparkling around you. Happiness is not as far as the skyline, but still not as near as the tip of your nose. But you don’t have to search the world to find your happiness, because it’s right next to you. It won’t run away from you, unless you deny it. Now close your eyes! Reach out your hands and grab it. It’s yours!