Victoria - 85719, Arizona
Entered on October 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30


As wired as it may sound, sleeping is one of my favorite activities. I can say I like sleeping but don’t mistake it with the priorities. This has been one of my traditions for several years.

Most of my days I get to involve myself in many activities and whenever I get a free time, even if its ten minutes, I take myself to my world and that is the sleeping world.

I have grown up knowing that whenever you get to sleep everything in your body goes to rest and less energy is used. Don’t you think that sometimes your body systems, all the organs, need at least to have a rest from the days work? How happy do you think they will be if you give them a break?

One way I knew that sleeping was part of my tradition was when someone offends me or when I am annoyed in one way or another. Sleeping gets to be the gap that brings me back to the normal world because the moment I wake up am able to see my problems in a much easier angle than the way I could have seen it when I was annoyed or offended. I call it medicine in my other language.

Sleeping helps me to get and probably create a good picture of my life. When I close my eyes, I get to bring into imagination the kind of life that I want to live in the future. I can also reflect my past life and make sure I don’t do the same mistakes I did.

Sleeping brings an unexplainable peace within me. Just the act of closing my eyes work as a miracle. And many people don’t understand how. They just talk about people ‘oh that guy is lazy, he likes sleeping a lot’. That does not make sense to me at all unless there are some evidence.

Most people take sleeping as laziness and non-productive. But for me I think people have a different way of expressing there views or feelings. And to some, sleeping is like a bridge to cross to an unknown world that brings changes to life.