November 22

James - malden, Massachusetts
Entered on October 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: question

On November 22, 1963 the president of the United States of America was shot. The official report says that there was only one shooter but were there really two of them. I believe that the government is trying to cover up what really happened that fateful day. There is evidence too back my thesis that the government is ignoring.

Over the history of this great country there have been some events that just do not add up. The government seems to be hiding the truth to these events such as the Roswell New Mexico alien sightings. The biggest of these secrets is the John F. Kennedy shooting in Texas. In the report they say that there were four bullets fired from Lee Harvey Oswald’s sniper rifle. There is evidence that this is a lie. I believe that Oswald did fire four shots that day but I would alter some of the things that happened that day. I theorize that there was actually two shooter that day not one.

On that day in 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald did the impossible he shot John Kennedy but he was not the only one. Oswald was on the top floor of the Texas book depository. When J.F.K s motorcade was driving through Lee fired four shots that hit him and killed him. I have some questions about these lines of events. How did Oswald hide the rifle ad escape the building before he was caught? He had more time because there was a second shooter. One of the wounds on the head of J.F.K indicates an exit wound which means that there was a shooter in front of him along with Oswald who was behind him.

Because it was a parade for Kennedy’s run for president there were a plethora of witness and some had cameras. On one of these cameras you can distinctly hear five shots not four. Four of those shots did come from Oswald’s gun but I believe that the fifth one came from a second shooter. There have been tests done to see where on that street another shooter could have been hidden. People have tested the bridges, drains, other buildings but the only place that is possible is a grassy knoll. The government has shiftily looked into this but private teams of experts have done extreme experiments and what they found is amazing. In a blown up picture taking by a bystander shows a man seeming to be looking through a scope of a rifle. When asked about this the government sayed that the figure in the picture is too small to be human but not if he is lying down.

J.F.K had two killers that day not one. That second shooter could still be out there but no one is looking. The government won’t even listen to this theory. I believe that the government is hiding the truth. There is evidence that is out there but they are engorging it. The truth is still out there.