I Believe in the Autobiography

Mitchell - Spencer, Indiana
Entered on October 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My name is Mitchell and believe in the autobiography. Not necessarily the writing of a book on myself, but in the describing of myself based on how I act and react every day. I believe in the autobiography. I define myself in words, and always more than one. That’s why I believe in the autobiography.

Wirds describe an individual. Clothes do not. I can be whatever person I so desire regardless of the clothes I wear. I can be a football player that wears short shorts and a belly button shirt to school on a daily basis. clothes do not describe me. My actions and reactions describe who I am. How I incluence another person’s life on a daily basis based on the actions I choose make me who I am. My clothes do not matter. My personality and what I do define who I am. Not what I wear.

I’m a freshman ni high school. I see ridiculous labelling on a daily basis, and I’m sick of it. People define themselves with single words. Try to ask someone who they are, and they reply with a name and a word. That’s all it really is, just a name and a word. Here is an example, “Oh, hey, my name is and I am a skater/jock/perp/goth/nerd.” I say that it’s time to be an individual, and start acting like something more than just a lifeless meat pupper. Get rid of the one-word descriptions. Start on that autobiography a bit early. I tell people about myself, my personality, and what I do as an individual. One word is not good enough. I will not accept being vague. Here, I’ll give everyone a little lesson in bring and individual. I’m going to describe myself.

Hello, my name is Mitchell. I am an avid computer user. I also enjoy playing football. I see myself as an outgoing individual, and I love to have a good time. Laughing or making others laugh bring a great fufillment in my day, to know that I made someone else’s day better. Colts rule, by the way. I enjoy long walks on the beach, I hate wasting time, and I believe in the autobiography.