Rub Some Dirt On It!

Jacy - Spencer, Indiana
Entered on October 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It was in the middle of the fifth inning when a line drive was hit back to me at the pitcher’s mound. With a loud blow the softball collided with my shin. A sharp pain shot up my leg as my dad ran out onto the field. He asked if I was all right, and I nodded and replied, “Gotta rub some dirt on it!” Without my awareness at that time, I had discovered a valuable life lesson.

In a literal sense, rubbing dirt on an open wound probably isn’t the best idea. Metaphorically speaking however, it basically means to “suck it up and move on”. I believe that this is the best action to take in many situations. When something goes wrong, I shouldn’t whine and give up on the world; I should step up to the plate!

There are countless times in life when I swing and miss. For example, one time I did really badly on a chemistry test. Instead of getting super upset about it, I asked for extra credit and studied harder for the next test. When I got my paper back, I wasn’t disappointed. I got an “A”! What this taught me was that every time I slip up, I shouldn’t give in. I need to “shake it off” and endeavor again to redeem myself.

Failing at a task can sometimes be humiliating, but it can also be gratifying. As a human being, I am bound to make mistakes. I can’t do anything about that. What I can do is learn from those mistakes. Messing up isn’t exactly merrymaking, but it gives me experience nonetheless. With that wisdom-gaining experience under my belt, I can make more suitable decisions!

Bruises and cuts won’t last forever, but my responses to them will. A great saying is, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” That is definitely the right concept. When I get hurt or wreck something, I just need to move on. When misfortune emerges, I just “Gotta rub some dirt on it”!