Crank The Tunes

Nic - Spencer, Indiana
Entered on October 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Music is the most important thing in the world. According to WikiAnswers, almost everyone listens to music. Music wakes me up and it soothes me to sleep. Tunes excite me and they calm me down. Melodies focus me in and zone me out. Music is my sanity. That is what I truly believe in.

Music helps to wake me up and calm me down. If I am up late one night and have a hard time getting up the next morning I’ll usually turn on some Christian hard-rock like ‘Kutless’ or ‘Skillet’ or sometimes even some ‘Thousand Foot Krutch’. I’ll usually turn on a song with a really fast tempo, start to sing along and before I know it I’m awake. On the flipside if I turn on some slower, calmer music, say ‘Creed’ or ‘Frankie J’ it helps me to fall asleep. Crankin’ the tunes regulates my body clock.

Music excites my life and it calms me down. It gives me a feeling that I’m high. It makes my blood pump faster than anything else. If I’m sad or feeling dejected I can turn on some fast-paced music with uplifting lyrics. One of my favorites is the chorus to “Partysong” by ‘Mitch McVicker’, which starts out with “There’s a party goin’ on, up in the sky, There’s a party goin’ on, ‘till past midnight”, and I’ll usually be feeling better in no time. On the other hand if I’m angry and wanting to fight someone I’ll crank some ‘Creed’ or some ‘98 Degrees’ to calm me down. Crankin’ the tunes keeps me sane.

If I have a hard time focusing on my homework or zoning in on video games I’ll turn on some ‘Manifest’ or ‘Mitch McVicker’, which have really good beats and help me to zero-in on what has to get done. If I want to just get away from it all I usually will turn on some rock such as ‘AC/DC’, ‘3 Doors Down’, or ‘Linkin Park’, and turn it up as loud a possible to zone me out and get me away from all the troubles of life. Crankin’ the tunes keeps me sane.

I believe in music. Tunes are a huge part of my life. I don’t know how I would live without music. It is a very rare occasion to find me without my mp3 player or some other source of my tunes. Music regulates my life and helps control my emotions. Tunes are my sanity.