Winning Is Everything

Sean - spencer, Indiana
Entered on October 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever lost? It sucks, does it not? Winning on the other hand is everything. I have found this to be true because you are praised when you win, and you are looked down upon when you lose. Winners get everything and losers get nothing, that is how I look at it.

Winning is what I believe in because it is what drives you to finish the job. I don’t believe that winning is claiming first place in the 100-meter dash, or winning the state championship in football. Instead, I believe that winning is the thing that drives you to do your best and to get all of the good stuff that winners receive, knowledge, skills, and abilities. This belief in winning does tie into sports. If it was not for the coolness of winning there would be no professional sports, semi-pro sports, little league sports, or any kind of sports, because winning is the reason behind all sports. It is the goal of every game, sport, or activity, and in order to win, you must do your best.

Other people my age have been taught that winning isn’t everything and that it is all about having fun. Well, they lied. If you are only going through life to have fun, you won’t have a purpose and you won’t achieve your goals. Winning is the goal of every game and people would not play a game without a goal.

I find my belief in winning to be true in just about everything that has to do with life. Teachers expect you to win the very best grade you possibly can. Parents expect the same out of you. Even in Christianity, the good lord wants you to do your best. “Whatever you do, do it like it is for the lord.” This is a quote from the Bible.

In conclusion, if you always try your hardest in everything you do whether it be sports, work, school, or just a simple task, you will always be a winner.