A Positive Attitude

Kelsea - Spencer, Indiana
Entered on October 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A core belief can have many definitions. A positive attitude about life has helped me succeed in everything I do. Staying positive and being positive is the best thing to do, and yes, it has helped me become a better person in life.

Some people have positive attitudes and some don’t. When I think of a positive attitude, I think of a glass of milk that is half full instead of being half empty. People with a positive outlook on life can achieve amazing, valuable deeds. When I choose to help someone just out of the goodness of his or her heart, good things will come my way. But, I believe I need to help one out without expecting anything in return. It does not have to be a big gesture. For example, if I help a child on a busy highway, help an elderly person place their groceries in their vehicle, or even put their cart up for them to save them the walk. There are no limitations on what humans can do for each other to help one another out.

Having such an attitude is considered to be very respectful and thoughtful. Not putting myself first allows me to open up my mind to others and see where my help would greatly be a benefit. By helping others I am teaching about how important it is to share myself. It may even rub off on someone. They may see what I have done and then choose to do a good thing for someone at one point.

A good influence is a positive influence. When I help someone out it should never make me feel like it is a hassle or a struggle, because if it does then I wasn’t truly helping out of the goodness of my heart. Without a doubt helping others, feeling good about life is quite useful and valuable to others and myself. How beautiful and comforting it is at the end of the day to know that I may have helped someone’s day to turn out a little bit easier, happier or even valuable. Well, I have helped my Grandma out so many times and just by pushing her around in her wheelchair makes me feel good. I love doing that because I just love being with her and making her day feel like she can walk and be like any other person in the world.

A positive attitude can and will help in life if I am able to that everyday. Making my Grandma feel good about her makes me feel good about myself. No matter how old I get I will be by her side and make her feel like she is just like any other person in the world. So, a positive attitude has changed my life and hopefully it has changed someone else’s in the world too.