Be the One in the Lime Green Shirt

Fletcher - Gosport, Indiana
Entered on October 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Be the One in the Lime Green Shirt

Imagine being in the front of a classroom, facing the class. Everyone is wearing the new ripped up jeans, the black T-shirts with the “cool” slogans on them, the same shoes and earrings. Then there’s the one in the back with the lime green shirt and the bright red pants and sandals. That one stepped out of the box and went against the norm. That one is being original. That one is me.

I believe in being the person no one else will. I believe in stepping out of the box. Be an individual, instead of one of the mob. Everyone else is the same, so I can’t be. Well, I can, but I won’t. I prefer to stand out, and not be the same as everyone else (Especially if that “everyone else” grow up to be murderers and thieves).

When I was younger, I was one of those kids. We all had our own little groups, who did everything the same. We all acted the same and thought the same. Then those kids gradually changed. They were the ones who stole from stores. They were the ones who attacked people and beat them up for not letting them copy off of yesterday’s math homework. They were the ones who set fire to the fire station (That’s not an exaggeration, they actually did that).

I realized I wanted to keep being me, and not be one of those who set fire to the fire station, and beat people up for fun. I needed to be different from everyone else. I needed to be the kid in the lime green shirt.

It’s not some life-changing event that changed my life forever. It wasn’t incredibly subtle, either, though. It was a mediocre event that inspired a mediocre change in what is no longer a mediocre life. It is now an extraordinary life (to me, anyway).

They had asked me to go with them to do something (they didn’t tell me what). There was a mischievous glint in those eyes of theirs. I thought about what they were becoming, and said no. It was a good thing, too, because they were caught in the act (that was when they burned down the fire station).

I like being the one in the lime green shirt. Most everyone knows who I am. Although, where I come from, in this day and age, most the people I hang out with and talk to are the ones in the lime green shirts. But that’s good. We want to be the ones in lime green shirts.

Everyone is a different person. Everyone is an individual. Everyone has a lime green shirt, but most people leave it in the back of their closet. What those people need to do is take that shirt, wash it (because it’s probably dirty from hanging out in the back of the closet so long), put it on, and head for wherever they need to go. Be the one in the lime green shirt.