Time Doesn’t Wait for The Lazy People It Keeps Up With The Active Ones

Christina - Spencer, Indiana
Entered on October 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The couch is mans new best friend. Forget playing fetch with the dog the T.V. is on! The television is an invention to meet humanity’s wants and to waste time. The T.V. had become a nuisance in my life where it was the only thing that I wanted to do when I left school. I believe time doesn’t wait for the lazy people it keeps up with the active ones.

When I moved away from a home that I lived in for many years I picked up the habit of a procrastinator I kept my eyes on the television screen. By the time my favorite T.V. shows like the Simpsons, Smallville, and American Idol were over, it was always too late for me to do my homework. Since school is something I have to do in my life, I did my homework poorly anyway. I began staying up later to watch T.V. but in response to this, I always slept during my first class. The more I watched T.V., the more I slacked off and stalled on everything that was my own responsibility. When the responsibilities I didn’t do caught up to me I had a whole lot of problems making everything right. The more I struggled, the more I noticed that all the television I was watching was pointless because saving my jobs to the last minute isn’t a good habit.

Since I have met my step dad, I noticed that he had a problem of being a procrastinator. When he promised me something, I learned quickly not to get my hopes up. Almost every promise he made was broken because he had to make up something he forgot to do before. When he and my mom had their own kids, I was scared for him because young children look up to their parents and slacking isn’t a skill a child should pick up. Time is never on anyone’s side when they wait till the last minute. As my sisters got older and my step dad kept breaking promises even simple ones like going to the park, I witnessed personally how badly they were hurt when he didn’t carry out his word. The moment I saw the disappointment in their faces is the moment I knew my time of sitting on the couch waiting for the new episodes of Supernatural to come on, I’d go and play fetch with the dog.

The first day school let out at 3:20p.m. I decided no more slacking. Before touching the T.V. remote, I did my chores and my homework and even went outside to play with my dog. Instead of being worried about my homework when it was time for bed, I was done with everything and I even had time to watch a little bit of Supernatural. While watching T.V. that night I realized that time was on my side when I was being active and doing the thing that I loved.

I also realized that when I was a procrastinator not doing what I should do, I hated clocks. Time had left me behind and wasn’t waiting for me until I learned to do what I had to do and forget about the television.