Music is the Heartbeat of Life

Kelsey - Spencer, Indiana
Entered on October 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that music is the heartbeat of my life.

Music is a way to express my emotions in a calm, fulfilling way, instead of yelling, screaming, or punching a wall. I can sing to it, dance to it, or I can just simply listen and find the beat, just like in my color guard routine. We find the beat, dance, and put together a show to the music.

The summer before my freshmen year in high school, my mother placed me in a youth shelter. We didn’t have a radio to listen to. All we had was the music we made ourselves or heard on the television. I was beginning to lose my mind when I didn’t have music to hear or a journal to write in.

Not having those things, I became very angry. I kept everything all bottled up for so long that I began to believe that was whom I was, a very angry teenage girl. Music had always been my way of knowing who I was and what I was here for. Ever since I was a young girl, music had always been something I cherished. Not having the most important thing in my life there at my disposal was really taking its toll on me.

Another girl, just a little over a year older than me, also loved music. She had an amazing voice and she loved people to hear it. I had been there a few days before I actually even heard her sing, but once I did, I instantly felt much better. She started to sing more often. She sang random songs that were on the radio that stuck in her head while we were out on the bus. When I felt more comfortable, I started to sing along with the songs I knew. She really did save me when I was in that place. She had such and effect on me because she a sweet, loving person who thought that music would calm peoples nerves, and of course, she was right. I never told her that she had such an effect on me, but I think she knew.

The songs she sang and the softness of her voice always made me feel instantly better. I am glad I met her and I would never want to forget how she saved me from going insane. I am very grateful for her and her amazing voice.

Music has been the center of my life for so long that I would never be able to go back to that place. Not having any music would just kill my soul. Music truly is the heartbeat of my life, and even though I’m not totally sure, also of many other peoples’ as well.