Huntin’ : A Way of Life

Dylan - Spencer, Indiana
Entered on October 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I will guess that most of the people reading this essay have been hunting for deer, turkey, squirrel, dove, and etc. So I guess that all the experience have been learned and have been had, like “when is it the right time to shoot “and” is it big enough to shoot.” It is such a peaceful thing. I heard birds and squirrels running around and making noises. Then it happens the deer or the animal I am hunting approaches. Then it is time to make a decision to shoot or not to shoot.

When I was little my dad brought home deer from his hunting. I was raised in a hunting environment. One of my earliest memories was going out with my dad, carrying my fake gun that my father got me and going squirrel hunting I would go “Bang Bang” when I shot. I began deer hunting at the age of eight. The next year dad contracted some sort of cancer. So we had to stop hunting for a while; it was a hard time, but we made it though it. It was a hard time because of the cancer. But by the next year we were both out hunting.

When I am hunting it gets rid of all my worries. Like school when I am swamped in homework. All I need to do is go out hunting and it, is gone. I really forget about the outside world. I feel like I am in another world. In the world there are too many worries. I think that if everyone went hunting, the world would be a better place. The reason why it would make the world a better place is that it would calm everyone down. It is just awesome.

It brings me down to earth. It nocks me off my high horse and it is humbling if an animal out smarts me. If I am out hunting I am not always expecting to get an animal. It is nice, but in reality it is not always going to happen. Like my Dad says “You can get lucky one year and bag out, but the next three years you won’t get anything.” Again it proves the point that I am not always going to get an animal.

I have had many experiences in hunting, some good some bad. But it is not all about the kill; it is about the fun of being outdoors (I am not saying that it isn’t great to get the kill but that is not what it is all about.). For some people it is not about the “monster” but for the meat for the family.