The Official Freeman Way of Life

Luke - Spencer, Indiana
Entered on October 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

My grandpa was a very important guy in my life. I have based a lot of my philosophies off of what he has told me in the past. One of the most important ideas I remember from his sayings was, “Anything can happen, anytime, anywhere, you just have to wait for the right time.” This old saying from my grandpa is very special to me, and I have learned a lot by it.

That saying has been remembered and re-told by my parents and passed down to us kids ever since we could understand what it truly meant. My mom is always telling us to be prepared for the worst, and sometimes, it really helps to be prepared. I honestly think people would be in a lot better place if they would all stop and think about the objectives in their life that they do on a regular basis that causes danger, and if they were to be prepared how much safer they would be.

Even down to the simple things like, for example, keeping a set of jumper cables in the family car for emergencies when the car has a dead battery, or when it runs out of gas and need to get a little to get home, keep a gas can in the back of the car. People just have to realize that anything can happen.

One incident incidents happened to me that has made me start to realize that this is a good way to live a good and proper life is about 9 years ago my family was on a trip to Missouri and we were on our way back home when the family car broke down. This was a time before modern day cell phones so we didn’t have a way to get whatever it was we needed. It turns out that since my grandpa was with us, we were able to get a new battery from the store because he came prepared with $100 dollars of “emergency money.” Without that, and he being there, we wouldn’t have made it home in time for my parents to go back to work.

Finally, when it all comes down to it, what my grandpa has been trying to say for at least fifty years now is always be prepared, and if people do this, everything will be alright, and even if something does happen that is bad, where ever that persons family is at, they’ll be fine and prepared. That is my philosophy on how I do my day-to-day life.