God’s Greatest Message

Petra - Parsons, Kansas
Entered on October 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children, love
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There is one thing that contributes itself to the world that can make every ounce of negativity disappear. There is nothing else that touches this one precious thing consisting of pure innocence and untouchable true love. This one thing, this one being, is a baby. A baby can make a stoic person light-hearted and bring a grown man to his knees. When we think of an angel, we generally think of a higher being that can work miracles in our lives. An angel according to the Webster’s Concise Dictionary is, “A spiritual attendant, or a messenger of God.” The old adage that “we are all here on this earth for a reason” definitely correlates to this description of an angel from a religious vantage standpoint. In my eyes, little babies are those angels. As we move through the course of our lives, we begin to realize what our purpose is in life. Taking an internal look at myself, I too must ask the question as to what my purpose in life is. The earlier stages of my life consisted of fluctuated changes, but when my own babies were born-my angels-they became my purpose. If looking from a spiritual sense, both in Hebrew and Greek, any agent God sends forth to execute His purpose (1 Samuel 1:3, Luke 7:24, 9:52). I believe babies are that message…

Love is that of a fragile flower of the most uncommon beauty, this I believe is the power a baby possesses. A baby’s color and fragrance is the most pure and meaningful, just like that of a flower. From the day they are created how can you not know that it is true love? A baby’s love is a precious gift. I believe that each smile and laugh they give is saved for someone special. I feel my heart melt and my breath stop knowing that I never knew I could love someone or something near as much as I love a baby. I never knew how to love someone until I felt the love of a baby. Is that not the greatest thing? Knowing that moment time stood still and I know it will never stop. If there was only some way to stop time and hold that moment forever in my dreams. I believe babies are miracles and deserve an abundance of admiration, they truly are heaven sent. When I think of a baby, I think of their tiny fingers and tiny toes, their bright baby eyes, and cute baby nose. Hearing baby gurgles and baby sighs, as they are sung sweet lullabies. I hear their laugh and see their smile, when I am old and grown, I know that I will smile and laugh the ones I saved for them. I believe these precious little beings were sent from God above, to fill our lives and hearts with happiness and shower us with love. Surely God must have known that we’d give our all to bestow invaluable love upon them.

There is so much swarming around in this world sometimes the only innocence left is that of a baby’s innocence. If one feels the need for something grand, something infinite, something that makes one feel aware of God, one need not go far to find it. I definitely see something deeper, more infinite, and more eternal within the loving expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining through its crib. Their smiles illuminate the room, transforming the space from plain or dull to vibrant and full of life. They still have that glow coming from the presence of God and I feel the warmth in my heart. When I look at babies I see the miracle of creation, I feel the presence of their Heavenly Father. My thoughts go from weary, everyday things to pondering eternity with just the steadiness of their breathing when I hold them in my arms. They have such a peace and such trust in me, they have no cares. I can almost hear God whispering to me to trust Him in the same way. I feel God’s love wash over me as I look into a baby’s precious little face. My heart is full and overwhelmed with love for these little children and I ask myself, “Is this how God feels about us?” These babies are precious to me because they remind me how precious we are to God.

I look at babies as blessings from God, but in essence, I also look at them as messages from God. When I watch a baby play and interact not only with family but with anyone they come in contact with, there is a message of joy and happiness. This message is sent to the souls of those fortunate individuals and a smile always succumbs with the deepest laminating aura. The message that is perceived to me by these beautiful cherubs is that they are our future, and I as well as others must protect and nurture these messages from God because they are “our little angels”. We must never forget that when it comes to love, a baby’s love is best of all.