My Passion For Professional Hockey

Jared - San Ramon, California
Entered on October 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe in the game of ice hockey. It has been my favorite sport growing up as a child. I have a deep passion for the game. I have fond memories of going to the San Jose Sharks games as a kid and know how much fun it is to go to a professional hockey game. One of the best experiences I’ve enjoyed was when my dad took me outside the arena in 1998 when the San Jose Sharks beat the Anaheim Ducks. We waited with a bunch of cheering Sharks fans in the players parking lot to get signed t-shirts, hats, jerseys, and free giveaways. My dad shouted to defenseman Jeff Norton who was about to take off and asked him if I could have a signed stick. Even though I was too shy to ask, Norton handed me a stick which was the beginning of a great experience!

I believe in the fans. Listening to them scream and roar while jumping to their feet after the fog horn screeches sounds like more than what you’ll hear in a jungle. The chants never seem to go away. Hockey fans at some of the popular arenas like the Sharks can easily compete with Raider fans. The fans show their support by wearing matching colored shirts, crazy costumes, and cheering throughout the game to inspire victory.

Fights are part of a hockey game. Some people say that hockey fights don’t belong in the National Hockey League but they’re wrong.

Nothing gets the crowd out of their seats like hockey fights. Hockey is a physical, high-contact sport and you need tough teammates to keep the game honest. It gives us that spirit that everyone loves about the game!

Hockey gives us identity and inspires us to compete. It also helps develop teamwork and leadership skills. Players know that they always have to work together as a team to win games. Hockey players need large motor skills and strategic thinking when they participate in playing. They need good balance, hand-eye coordination and a good vision in anticipating where their teammates will be to get around an opponent and score a goal.

I believe in the Stanley Cup. Its modern roots date back to the late nineteenth century. One of the considered fathers of hockey, Lord Stanley came to Canada and showed great interest in this amazing sport. He then donated a steal mug weighing 35 pounds to this sport. Now the fight is on to earn it. The winning team gets an opportunity to have their names written on a piece of history. It’s an experience that any championship team will never forget.

Therefore, I believe that hockey is the sport made for anyone. From all the cheering, aggression, hitting, checking, music, and scoring is why I believe hockey is definitely the sport to be proud of.