Tolerance and Acceptance

Robert - Gilford, New Hampshire
Entered on October 2, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe

I believe that God does not care what religion – if any – we belong to. There is a God and hundreds, if not thousands of religions worldwide with various rules, ideas and traditions about how to worship that one God. With a trusting heart, I believe that all these religions were developed on the basis that their leaders knew best how to avoid hell and enjoy eternal bliss in heaven.

But, does anyone really know what is required to get to heaven? No one can prove they know best, that there is a God, or that heaven even exists. Yet, billions of people still believe and practice religious acts of faith daily. How could a loving God care what religion people practice? When death comes and we stand at the pearly gates (or whatever metaphor for entering heaven you subscribe to) do we expect our category of faith to determine if we are accepted and part of the privileged few to enter?

Do we believe for example, that all Jews will be accepted while Protestants and Muslims will not? Or that Lutherans, Buddhists and Hindus will be rejected based on the faith they practiced on earth while all Catholics will be welcomed? If so, we are surely mistaken, foolish and arrogant to believe we know the mind and will of God.

I believe we are here to love, help, respect and at a minimum – tolerate one another. This is not easy for sure and nearly impossible at many seemingly valid times. But tolerance and acceptance are our true test; and we will pass or fail regardless of what religious brand we wear on our deathbed.