This I Believe

Anivia - Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in smiling

I was a person who usually would walk with my face looking miserable, always as if my face was sour. I would always walk and move around, as if I was alone in this world. I would barely smile. I would always be with pressure on my face and a body asking for some life in it. Smiling seemed like the hardest thing to do. People would greet me with a smile and an expression through a word. I would respond with a word but probably not a smile. I would be in a group with my friends and my not smiling wouldn’t be a problem, because they knew that was my way of being.

One day while walking alone under a smiling sun and a laughing blue sky, I saw a boy throwing a smile at me, but my face was so accustomed to be looking sour that smiling back at him became difficult for me. Therefore I just kept neutral.

Later on, one bright Sunday morning while walking to church, I saw this boy again. He came close to me and said “You know I’ve being trying to get closer, to have a word with you”. But you’re always serious, so I didn’t know how to do this, “You are cute!”. I did not know how to react, so I smiled surprised. Then he said to me “You are even cuter when you smile your face lights up”. “It makes the fear that people have to approach you disappear”. I didn’t take that seriously. Therefore I looked at it as a boy talking to flirt with me.

Then one day checking my e-mail, I received a random message saying “keep that smile on your face always, it brightens up your face and someone else’s day”. I smiled, because It reminded me of the boy and of me not being alone. During this same time a friend of mine, lost her mother. However I had to try my best to make her smile, even if it was only for a second. I realized smiling helps a lot, especially if it’s from a friend. It reminds you that, you are not alone in this world. They are people around you to share, even a smile. I realized that one person’s smile can brighten up someone else’s day.

I believe in smiling. Because when someone smiles at you, it shows you that you’re not alone in this world. Therefore a smile can bring light to another person’s day that seemed dark and crushed.

Now I try to always smile, but hoping that my smile could be the reason for another person to smile. As a result realize that they are not alone in this world, And that smiling adds an extra glowing to our face.