This I Believe

Eri - huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

It was the hardest practice I tried ever. I kept conducting in front of 30 students gazing my baton, and we played the same song many times because of me. Whenever I did it wrong way, or different way that teacher didn’t wanted, he stopped us and talked to me. My arms pained because my heavy baton was like a 100kilogram dumbbell, and my brain was overheated because of lots of advice from him. Additionally, a huge ashamed feeling covered my mind. I just wanted to run away from there.

When I was 12 years old, my sixth year in elementary school, I participated in the big marching band team in the city. It was a big group where many sixth grade students from different schools gathered, and we played difficult songs for the competition. Before we practiced some new songs, a coach said that he chose two students as conductors from 10 students who could conduct. We conducted a song in front of him in tense atmosphere. Because it was difficult and long song, I couldn’t do it well. After that, he announced that he chose me and other student who could do it very well. Although I had been in the marching band club in my school for three years, it was my first year to conduct.

I couldn’t understand why he chose me, and he wanted to make me better even though there were many students who could do it better than me. I couldn’t think that I was lucky in that hard situation. After the hard practice, I just felt depressed. I hated that I interrupted their practice and was embarrassed. Then, I talked about it to my mother to share my feeling.

However, instead of comfort, she gave me some confident words. “When you feel that you can’t do something well, and you feel depressed, why don’t you see other people? There’re many people who already got what you want. Who knows you can’t get it? Who knows you can’t do it? I know you can do everything! The only thing you don’t have is experience.?Before she told me that, I have never thought that way. I just thought that I was inferior to other students, and felt I was the only person who couldn’t do it well. However, her words helped me to change my way of thinking. I noticed that other students had already experienced conducting for at least 1 year. I came to think that I was not inferior, and I just needed experience. Then, I went to the park and started to practice to conduct. Although it was hard to keep practicing every day, I continued with thinking about I could do it. Because of that, my skills improved day by day, and I came to conduct well. A coach and students were surprised because I made great progress. Even though songs that we practiced for competition was difficult, I could practice without interrupting other teammates.

I believe that being confident myself make my life better and valuable. If I think that I can do something, I try many things that I want. If I try to do new things, I can get many things such as skills, knowledge and experience even if I can’t reach the goal. I can keep improving myself through aiming to reach the goal, and it helps my life more valuable and fun.

At the competition, I performed with using long baton in front of thousands of people, which was climax of the main song. I did it very well and the audience was impressed by my performance. They clapped for me. I was glad and proud of myself. With standing like a peacock, I thought that I could do everything if I made effort. At the time, I also learned the importance of being confident and try new things. Even though I have hard time when I try new things, being confident will helps me to succeed. In addition, the succeed make me be confident.