this i believe

david - burr ridge, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

This I Believe

When I was young my grandma was my best friend. If I ever needed any help of any kind she was the person that I would go to. Whether it was my birthday, Christmas, or just a random day. She would always be there for me. With here arrivals she would always bring with her a little present just for me. The presents that she gave me weren’t anything expensive. Sometimes they were the simplest of objects. They varied from teddy bears, clothes, children’s books, and much more. Even though those items weren’t very expensive. They had great sentimental value to me. I’d always keep them separated from all my other toys. As time went on I would see it as a personal requirement that my grandma would arrive at every one of my special events. As time passed by I also noticed that she wasn’t as energetic or playful as she used to be. But at the time I was to young to be concerned. Then came my 9th birthday, I was really excited to see what present she would bring for me. When I came out of bed to eat breakfast I had seen that my mom had been acting very sad. I asked what was wrong and she had not replied. So I decided to leave her alone. As the party started I noticed that my grandma hadn’t arrived yet. In fact she didn’t even come for the party. I asked my mom what the deal was and I found out that my grandma had suffered an unexpected stroke and died from it. Or as my mom said, she fell asleep and never woke up. My mom told me that she wanted to tell me the news after the party so I would not be sad for the occasion. After this incident happened, I believe that you should treat every moment with someone as its last. In a blink of an eye my grandma was gone. And I knew that I would never have another chance to ever see her again. To add insult to injury I did not even get a chance to say my goodbyes. All that I have left of her are all those little gifts she had given to me in the past, and to this day I still have them in my room to remind me of her.