This I Believe

Risa - Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Do you have a best friend? Can you trust a person from the bottom of your heart? If you don’t have it, you have to try to find someone you can trust. If you have it, your life will become better not only the way of spending time but also satisfaction for your heart.

When I was a junior high school student, I met Eri, an active girl who had a very cute smile and sense of humor. We belonged to a brass band club, and our brass band club was very strict with practice because our club had had victories in national contests over and over. Therefore, I felt that I often wanted to quit the club because of a strictness of the practice or relationship between strict older students and me. Also, I sometimes had a terrible conflict with them like women in a sale. But she encouraged me and removed my fear and terrible feeling. When we had a talk, she always smiled to me like the sun and made me laugh with her humor. She reassured me and I felt that I had not to give up. We were always together during our school days, and we had been overcoming difficult problems or conflicts to solve as a mouse meet a cat. Therefore, I trust her from a bottom of my heart because we know all about each other and I can be natural when I’m with her.

One day, I had a big terrible conflict with other members of our band. They were jealous to me because I played the musical instrument better than them. I was bothered with harassing from them. I wanted Eri to hear my trouble, but I thought that I had to solve this problem by myself, because I didn’t want to trouble her. However, when she realized that I had a trouble, she told me “You have to talk to me when you have some trouble! We’re best friends, so we can share our trouble or joy. I don’t think you are my burden. It means being friends.”

Before I met her, I thought that I could solve every difficult problem without help or friends if I have a strong spirit. I’d felt that I didn’t need someone’s help. Therefore, when I was an elementary school student, I didn’t open my heart to people except my family. Of course, I had friends to play with, but I got along with them on the surface, so I didn’t have any friends who I could really trust. Perhaps, my friends might feel that I was like a lonely wolf. However, to have met with her made me change vividly after the event. If I hadn’t met her, I might have a cool heart. When I imagine the situation, I feel fear because it means that I couldn’t know how people’s heart is close and warm.

I believe that the bond of friendship makes us strong and happy. Friends give us a lot of happy and priceless experiences that I couldn’t experience if I have been alone. Also, they bring us strength to overcome every hard problem or difficult situation. To have best friends or people who you can believe makes you strong and have a warm heart.