True love

Heather - portland, Oregon
Entered on October 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

True love is something that you can’t look for. I love how this feeling of love has taken over my body, my mind and most importantly my soul. Love is something that just shouldn’t just be tossed around. To most people love is the most incredible feeling. I personally hate it when someone pours their heart out to that one person and it doesn’t mean anything to someone, that hurts the most I thought that it would keep happening to me, but than a miracle happened. This special someone means the world to me and it meant a whole lot more to me when he said it to me. I believe no one should really say it untill you feel it or know you’re ready to be in love.

In my whole life all I really wanted was to love someone and be loved in return. I have found out that it takes awhile to experience. I have finally found a guy that loves me for me. I always thought that I wouldn’t ever love again or find that special someone that wants the same love. I believed I would always just need to be looking and keep searching for love but instead I let it come to me, instead of always going looking. Certain things in life take time and this is one that took awhile. I hate waiting for things to happen, but this was something I was excited to happened!

I am, dating the most wonderful guy. It’s was different because when we first met we could have a conversation about anything. He aways makes me feel good about myself and, he aways tries to make me happy, I was just city girl who fall in love with a country guy. When I first laid eyes on him and heard stories from my friends about him, they said that he is a sweet guy to girls, and let me tell you they were right. I didn’t want to believe them at first untill I found out for myself. We met in a small town, my best friend introduced us to one another. I was very scared at first, I didn’t want to think and I didn’t want to get my heart broke again but I had faith that he wasn’t going to, all it took was for me to get over that fear.