Leasson To Learn

Gianini - Beverton, Oregon
Entered on October 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe that the people you choose to be around will change who you become, even if its worse or better then them. There is a saying in Spanish, and it goes “Dime con qiuen handas y de dego qiuen heres”. Translating it to English it says tell me who you are with and I can tell you who you are.

When I was younger, I was normally around adults and people that were all ways so serious about every thing. So through out my first five years of being a little kid I was so serious about a lot of things, the more I was around those people the more I was up tight about things, the less I was around those people, the more I could enjoy my childhood

When it was time for me to enter school, I was this small boy that did not want to do anything that evolved other kids because I was never really around kids, before going in to school. I had to get used to doing things with other kids because I had no other choice. I stared to make friends and get more involved with the other kids. In third grade I made a friend named John Scott. My mom told me that this boy had a history of getting in trouble a lot, so mom told to becarful with him. On day I was playing in the playground with John and he had to pick up garbage because he got into some trouble. I see him and go over and start to talk to him. We both get this idea to go out in the field and throw the garbage over the fence and just leave it there. I thought it would be a fun thing to do, so we went to go do it. We started our commute to the outer field so we can throw the garbage over the fence. When we got to the fence that we planed to get to we both look at each other and start to laugh. He garbe the garbage and throws it as had as he could over it and the garbage is all over the ground on the other side. We run as fast as we can back to the palygournd

Now that I’m in high school, I made a choice to be a better student and not get evolved with the wrong sort of people. I personally fell that iv made a big amount of progress on the way I used to look to the present day. I had to change the people that I hang out with now because I don’t want to get into much trouble now that I’m become an adult and when you make a mistake at that stage in life it can have really big consequents. So I truly think that the people that you do associate your self does have a big impact on your life.