This I Believe

Dysha - austin, Texas
Entered on October 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“This I believe”

“Mom I want to go to The University of Texas for college.” I am a young African American woman by the name of Dysha. I don’t have many people in my family that went to college (on campus.) I mean my family members are not dumb, but I think that they should have made better choices.

My mom got good grades in school. She really didn’t have a choice. She is a very intelligent person. She had kids to young that’s what got her off track. My mom went to college online, through the University of Phenioux. She took business management classes.

I also want to study business management. In fact, I want to get my NBA in business. A NBA is like a PH.D in business. It will take up a lot of years in my life but, I’m willing to sacrifice that for my dream.

I don’t live in the “hood.” I have before but, my mom, my sisters, and I, always stayed in the house. so we weren’t around all the mess. I’m not talking down on ”ghetto” people,(I actually have “ghetto” people in my family so I’m not being hypocritical.) They don’t always make the smartest choices in life. Most of them didn’t graduate from high school, go to college on time or become successful.

For instance, my cousin Akia she is very smart, but she didn’t make the right decisions to become successful in life. In ninth grade she skipped and got into trouble, hung with the wrong crowed. She didn’t graduate on time.

Now she is enrolled at ACC. She is an awesome mother of a little girl and a little boy on the way, she is getting her GED, and she made 21 on October 9.

She didn’t make the best choices to become successful, but when she finally realizes, she was able to take a different path to be successful.

I am going to try my hardest to become successful, and take the right path to become successful. I believe that anyone can become successful at whatever they want .whether it’s positive or negative dreams, if someone puts their minds& hearts into it they can do it. Most people have positive dreams.

I think that my goals are very attainable. They are easy, especially because I really want to achieve them.

If you live in a bad neighborhood, your family members are not successful, no one around you is a good example you can stop the pattern. You can become something, you can be successful.

I believe that anyone who has dreams can achieve them if they believe in their self.