Zen and Anarchy in the Western World

Josh - Allentown, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I am an Anarchist. I believe in the complete destructuralization of the Western World (and all the World for that matter) in order to facilitate a new group of societies, founded on a combination of individual and communal motives, based on the fundamental laws of social, biological and political science, and driven by the inherent responsibility and sense of obligation that I feel all human beings should inately understand. I believe that the purging of human institutions like “religion,” “church,” “state,” “taxes,” “war,” “government,” and “media,” will not only revitalize the human race as a population (and the knowledge potential it has) but also stand to correct the countless centuries of auto-destructive pestilence we have bestowed on our planet and our future generations.

However, before you dismiss this as an another self-righteous diatribe about a superficial utopiatic dream that has no recognizable base in reality, I urge you consider, for a moment, the correlative symbiosis of Anarchy and our World.

The rudiments of anarchy can be observed on a daily basis, in a miriad of expressions – from unruly children in a school, to one tradesmen helping another tradesmen on the construction site, to the homeless woman on the street refusing to abide by the social norms of her culture by finding employment or permanant lodging. There is an inner-beauty to these types of things that allow us to recognize the importance, and pursue the realization of such concepts as Revolution, Solidarity, Unity and Mutual Assured Proliferation (not destruction).

It is these small scale “Revolts” that form the basis, at least in my mind, for real social change. To combine these minor rebellious stands with classical and monumental examples of social and civil injustice like aparthied, the patriot act, potemkin cities, “irish need not apply,” weapons of mass destruction, and so on and so forth, is to truely subvert the oppressive thought that ruins societies while all the while claiming to run them. To stand up and fight for what is right and not to just simply “toe-the-line” is an underlying theme of cultural self-correction evident since the Jews walked against the Egyptians in Exodus – and probably even before that. Now Im no christian, or jew, but the historical value of such stories is undeniable, even to the strictest of athiests. This I believe…