We are All One Race

Chaz - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on September 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in unity; I believe we are all one race. I’ve lived my belief for years. During my younger years, my mother drilled my mind on how immoral racism is. I was raised to be blind to skin color, and accept all people. When I entered my sophomore year of high school, I quickly realized other people did not feel the same. While I was a sophomore, debates about immigration were all that I saw on television. It seemed that every time I turned on the television, I was offended in one way or another. I remember thinking, “Why do they hate me so much?” My interpretation of the news was that I was being discouraged from associating with these illegal aliens. Why help a nobody? That person doesn’t exist in America; therefore, we do not acknowledge them. We, as Americans, will treat these people like animals, rather than lend a helping hand. Unless a person has “papers,” that individual is not a real person. The immigrant is the cause for all crime, and that person is the reason we are in an economic crisis in the U.S.

Because I’m Hispanic, my opinion on immigration was often viewed as one-sided. In the state of Arizona, it appeared that my race was considered to be the immigration problem. We should lend a helping hand to a person, rather than an illegal alien; instead of being taught to hate.

Hate can grasp an unsuspecting victim in its cold, clammy, clutches, and control its subject like a ventriloquist directs a mere dummy. The sickness called hate is curable; however, it’s even more contagious than the flu. Are we not all the human race? The sickness attacks people with a heart of stone, and those who are easily manipulated. Only repulsive people have the sickness within them, and from there my belief was formed.

This is what I believe: I should not be subject to racial comments, and neither should the African American sitting next to me. The prejudiced man who hates me because my skin is brown and my back is wet will hate me no longer, if we are all one race. I should not have to mark the box stating my ethnicity when applying for a job, for this is what I believe. I should mark the box labeled human, because we are all one race. When my coworkers speak with foul language, addressing immigration, why do they look at me unusually? I’m proud of where my family comes from, and proud of what they have done to get to freedom. Knock the borders down of bigotry; knock the borders down of intolerance, for we are all one race. Why is my grandmother’s face saddened when her boss at work scolds her coworkers for speaking in their native tongue? Why is my aunt harassed by her college to prove U.S. citizenship repeatedly, when she was born in the United States? Punish the criminals, not the students. Get rid of discrimination, because I believe in equality; and in the end, we are all one race.