Only The Strong Will Survive

Brittany - Columbia, South Carolina
Entered on September 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“My Personal Belief’

Being a well rounded and strong person will be the one who is successful in life. Many associate being strong as a physical state but in order to achieve their set out goals, one must also be strong mentally. My definition of strong consist of a person knowing how to deal with making tough decisions. They must know how to set goals but also be able to remain focus when they are faced with distractions. Being strong means that you are able to discipline yourself and also have a sense of motivation. Life is full with obstacles that we must face everyday. Some obstacles are easy to overcome while others are more difficult. I believe that in life, only the strong will be successful.

I look at life as a race that each and everyone of us are competing in. Everyone wants to be the winner. But how are we differentiated from the person next to us? The answer is simple. Just earlier this year, I took upon myself to sit and think about what makes me happy and what makes me sad. I came to realize what motivates me and how I tend to cope with certain situations. In many cases people are struggling with understanding why they are not successful. In order to progress to excellence we must first understand us. I know that I am motivated by making good grades but feel doubtful when I fail at something. It is perfectly normal for me to procrastinate because I tend to work best when pressed for time. My ways of operating will not be the same as the person next to me because we are mentally different. Being able to set aside time to discover yourself is very important if you want to be successful. Apart of discovering who we really are is accepting all of our flaws. We have to be strong enough to understand that we are not perfect.

As we progress in this life long race, there are times in which we must set goals. There has to be something that each of us is working to accomplish. When we set goals, we usually set goals for the long term and also minor goals for the short term. I set goals often because once I accomplish one goal, I replace that with a new goal. Having a goal helps one stay focus on their prize. Setting goals and remaining focus ties together because in order to achieve your goal, you must not loose sight of what you are working for. These two aspects is a great example of being physical and mentally strong because they both