Power Of Writing

Jessica - Spring Hill, Florida
Entered on September 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I never knew how to express myself before I found writing. The constant emotional tug of my mind combined with the crashing sound of my thoughts always left me weak and powerless. I found myself yearning to fill this void that I was left with after every let down, after every downfall, after every attempt to escape myself. Then I was introduced to creative writing. I wrote a few words here and there and maybe a poem or two but never really put much thought into it. Until one day the overwhelming stream of emotions surged through me—my mind was the levee breaking in a storm and the water was my words. From that day on I found that with a pen in hand and a voice of reason I could transform myself into a girl with a purpose rather than a girl who is trying to flee from her own mind and body.

I believe in the power of the word. In writing. In words that can give hope and meaning. I believe in expression through creative writing.

Writing is not about knowing the difference between a noun and a pronoun or what is and isn’t a conjunction, but rather about letting yourself be what it is trying to be—you. Through words I have found achievement and self-acceptance and I hope that other people have found a future in the simple power of the pen and paper as well. We have been thought to hide our true faces, to put on a mask and trade in our reality only to replace it with what society dictates. To be truly free you have to navigate past this and be who you really are and the only way I have known how to do this is to fall into my own writing. Each poem is a small piece of my soul and I care for it like a child. Each word that I write or each character that I create is a reinterpretation of what I consider to be me. Each poem or writing piece is a tangible object whereas my emotions can never be held; I consider my words the closest thing to them.

Sometimes the words come to me like a second skin, slithering and crawling its way to protect me once again. But other times the words seem to be lodged inside a deep cavernous place that I cannot reach and I find myself lost again. Many times I hate writing. It’s either too difficult to find the words or too much of a hassle, and I slam my pen down and flee the scene as if I have committed some unspeakable crime and cannot even be seen near such an incident. But, I know that if I keep on writing, the void that I feel and the desperateness I have grown accustomed to will….subside; I will be left with a glimmer of hope in my sight.

The power of words came along like a newborn child and I was finely able to see the world for what is really was—beautiful and frightening. With writing I have found places within myself that I never knew existed; I never knew myself to be passionate before.

I now have enough courage to look my own demons in the face and to say “I am now strong enough to conquer you.” and I hope that others can as well.

I believe that words can shape and reestablish a person within their self. The simple power of expression through writing can transform and transcend this world. It can isolate you and save you from yourself. It can show you the expansive universe that lies within your mind, your soul, your spirit.